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Members of KMEA North Central District have a special opportunity to nominate an administrator as a candidate for the KMEA NC Honor Administrator Award. This annual award recognizes those administrators who have demonstrated continuing leadership in developing, improving, and supporting music education within a wider commitment to arts education, i.e., music, theater, visual arts, and dance.

Music educators are aware of the importance of principals and superintendents in creating and maintaining successful music programs. School district policy coupled with administrative management decisions pertaining to budget, scheduling, and facilities often have a long-range impact on arts education. Hence, administrators are key players in molding music education curricula. The Honor Administrator Award is an attempt to encourage and recognize the on-going administrative support of arts education in local school districts of Kansas.

The award will be presented to the selected administrator at the appropriate level of KMEA NC Mini-Clinic. Current KMEA NC members are urged to submit names of candidates to the Honor Administrator Committee by May 1. A KMEA NC member or members must make nominations, but involvement from throughout the nominee's school district is encouraged. All administrators nominated for the KMEA North Central District Award will have their information passed onto the KMEA State level for consideration for the State KMEA Honor Administrator Award.


Nominees should be exceptionally skillful within their administrative unit, showing special support for the arts as an indispensable part of the school curriculum. Indicators of an administrator's commitment to arts education might include personal attitude and philosophy, program development and improvement, sensitivity to the special needs of space, scheduling, and equipment, leadership in providing opportunities for professional growth of teachers, and leadership in providing local community and financial support.

Nominating Procedure

Any KMEA North Central District member or group of members may nominate an administrator for the KMEA NC Honor Administrator Award. Additional involvement by other persons in the nominee's school district is encouraged.

The nomination application should include: the completed nomination form, nominee's biographical information, nominee's professional experience (including years in present position), degrees earned, professional and civic organizations, and honors received, description of the school system's music program such as resources, number of students and teachers, etc.; and a description of any unique features or characteristics of the arts/music program within the building, district, or community.

The application may also include letters of endorsement and clippings of pertinent articles, photographs, or other sources which detail the nominee's distinctive contributions to the field of music education.

All nominations must include the name, address, and phone number of the individual KMEA NC member(s) submitting the application. Nominations must be postmarked on or before May 1.


The KMEA North Central District President-Elect will serve as the Chairman of the Honor Administrator Award Committee. Copies of all nominations received by the President-Elect as of the nomination deadline will be forwarded to the Honor Administrator Award Committee. The selection committee shall consist of the current KMEA NC President, Vice President, and President-Elect.

The award will be presented to the selected administrator at the appropriate level of KMEA NC Mini-Clinic. If the administrator selected is a high school principal, or superintendent, then the award will be presented at the high school clinic in December. If the administrator is a middle level principal, then the award will be presented at the middle level clinic in January. If the administrator selected is an elementary principal, then the award will be presented at the Elementary Clinic in February. The recipient will receive a certificate from the KMEA North Central District.

Honor Administrator Award Recipients
2023-24 — Bud Young - Principal, Clay Center Community HS - Clay Center
2022-23 — Michael Dorst - Principal, Manhattan HS - Manhattan
2021-22 — Vickie Kline - Principal, Susan B. Anthony MS - Manhattan
2018-19 — Doug Minneman - Assistant Principal/AD Marysville JR/SR HS - Marysville
2017-18 — Britton Hart - Principal, Emporia HS - Emporia
2016-17 — Quentin Breese - Superintendent - Concordia
Corrections to this list should be sent to the NCKMEA President.