High School Band

High School Band


High School Honor Groups moving to recorded auditions

NCKMEA will use online recorded auditions for all high school honor groups for the 2020-21 school year. Audition materials for each ensemble will be further specified after Sep. 1.
Festival Scores information video
Directors should watch this short video to become familiar with the Festival Scores audition system.
The following files are available as PDF downloads: Important Dates
Oct. 12 - Regular Entry deadline (KMEA Members site), $10 per audition
Oct. 13 - Audition uploads open (Festival Scores)
Oct. 19 - Chosen scale will be posted [Update: Required scale is A-flat concert]
Oct. 30 - Late Entry deadline (KMEA Members site), $20 per audition
Oct. 30 - Audition fees due (with invoice)
Oct. 31 - Audition uploads close at midnight (Festival Scores)
Nov. 2-7 - Judges evaluate recordings
Nov. 8 - Earliest possible date for roster posting
Nov. 27 - NCKMEA Scholarship application deadline

NOTICE - Dual registration is required. "Official" registration is located in KMEA Members site. Register your auditions early to avoid late audition fees. Festival Scores is being used only to replace the in-person audition. Audition uploads must be submitted by 11:59:59 PM on Oct. 31.

Festival Scores - Audition Event Tags

Directors, you will need to activate the following Event Tags in your Festival Scores Director account in order to upload audition entries.

2020 WindsG4VM7HT
2020 MalletsG8PMGHZ
2020 Snare / Timpani PT5Y7K5
Samantha Boxberger
Junction City HS
900 N Eisenhower Dr
Junction City, KS 66441
w: 785-717-4200

Important Dates - HS Band
Aug. 26, 2020 - Wed
Downbeat Session
via Zoom
5:30 PM - Social Time
5:45 PM - Business Meeting
Oct. 12, 2020 - Mon
Audition Entries Due — HS Band, HS Orchestra
Oct. 30, 2020 - Fri
Audition Fees Due — HS Band, HS Orchestra
Oct. 30, 2020 - Fri
Audition Late Entry Deadline — HS Band, HS Orchestra
Double fees
Oct. 31, 2020 - Sat
Audition Upload Deadline — HS Band
Nov. 27, 2020 - Fri
Participation Fees Due — HS Band, HS Choir, HS Orchestra
Dec. 5, 2020 - Sat
HS Mini-Convention — HS Band, HS Choir, HS Orchestra Clinic/Concert
Manhattan HS
In-person festivals are cancelled for 2020-21

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