Elementary Choir
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Elementary Choir


Jenna Eshleman
Salina-Meadowlark Ridge Elementary
Artistic Director of the Salina Symphony Youth Choir

Important Dates
Aug. 28 - Downbeat Session @ Manhattan HS
Dec. 5 - Nomination Deadline
Jan. 24 - Participation Fees due with invoice, $12 per selected participant
Feb. 1 - Late Participation fees due (with invoice), $24 per selected participant
Feb. 1 - Clinic & Concert @ Junction City Middle School

  • Entries are submitted in the KMEA Members site
  • Entries must contain students' actual names. Placeholder entries will not be accepted.
Nomination Formula
The choir is comprised of 5th and 6th grade students who are nominated by their school's music teacher for their musical skills. Please use the formula below for figuring how many student entries you may submit. Check your school's total 5th and 6th grade enrollment. If you have 20 or fewer students for your total enrollment, you may bring 4 singers. You may add 1 more singer for every 20 students you have in addition to the first 20.

If you have a total of 75 5th and 6th graders in your school, you may send 7 students to District Honor Choir.
4 students (for the first 20 students)
+1 student (for 21-40 students)
+1 student (for 41-60 students)
+1 student (for 61-80 students)

Event Schedule
7:30-8:00 AM - Registration
8:00-9:00 AM - Rehearsal
9:00-9:15 - Break
9:15-10:30 - Rehearsal and Director's Meeting
10:30-10:45 - Break
10:45-11:45 - Rehearsal
11:45 - Let audience in
12:00 - Concert


  • Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burnin' - arr. Greg Gilpin-2-Part
  • Lunar Lullaby - Jacob Narverud - Unison
  • Listen to the Rain - Stephen L. Lawrence - Unison
  • Peter Piper - Lon Beery - 2-Part
  • Oceans and Stars - Amy F. Bernon - 2 Part
Statement from the Chair:
Two of them are unison, three are two part. A few of them are ones that we've done in the past. Listen to the Rain says Unison/2-part on JW Pepper. But that's the one to get. I'm not for certain if she's going to add in the optional part 2 yet, but will know soon.
Josh Yoho
St Marys GS
312 Grand Ave
St Marys, KS 66536
w: 785-437-6159
Important Dates - Elem. Choir
Aug. 28, 2024 - Wed
Downbeat Session
Manhattan HS
5:00 PM - Meal
5:30 PM - Meeting
Dec. 5, 2024 - Thu
Nomination Deadline — Elementary Choir
Jan. 24, 2025 - Fri
Participation Fees Due — Elementary Choir
$12 participation fee per selected student
Feb. 1, 2025 - Sat
Clinic & Concert — Elementary Choir
Junction City MS

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