Middle Level Band
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Middle Level Band Roster


Roster | Festival Scores
  1. Tayla Flinn, Junction City MS
  2. Ruth Kim, Fort Riley MS
  3. Olivia Penick, Junction City MS
  4. Ava Connell, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  5. Conrad Cassell, Paxico-Wabaunsee JH
  6. Grace Zeller, Paxico-Wabaunsee JH
  7. Leah Schrader, Paxico-Wabaunsee JH
  8. Sabrina Richter, Wamego MS
  9. Bethany McCarter, Wamego MS
  10. Christopher Toenjes, St. Marys JH
  • Alt. 1 - Isabelle Alexander, Concordia Jr/Sr HS
  • Alt. 2 - Madeline Thomasson, Chapman MS
  1. Helen Durrett, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  2. Isabelle Maxwell, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  • Gracilyn Clark, Wamego MS
B-flat Clarinet
  1. Audrey Geering, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  2. Sai Saekhow, Salina South MS
  3. Chloe Graham, Riley Co. GS
  4. Adalynn Miller, Paxico-Wabaunsee JH
  5. Samantha Haase, Wamego MS
  6. Mackenzie Briemann, Fort Riley MS
  7. Reese Gruver, Chapman MS
  8. Mekenzie Banahan, Belleville-Republic Co. JH
  9. Adalynn Brown, St. Marys JH
  10. Kenzie Murphy, St. Marys JH
Bass Clarinet
  1. Kinsley Payne, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  2. Claire Anderson, Riley Co. GS
Alto Saxophone
  1. Carlos Morello Vitello, Fort Riley MS
  2. Arturo Mendiola, Salina South MS
  3. Lorraine Mullins, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  4. Parker Jackson, Concordia Jr/Sr HS
  5. Noah Gallegos, St. Marys JH
  • Alt. 1 - Keith Thompson, Junction City MS
  • Alt. 2 - Addisyn Couture, Belleville-Republic Co. JH
Tenor Saxophone
  1. Luis Kraut, Fort Riley MS
  2. Evelyn Jones, St. Marys JH
  • Alt. - Maggie Casebeer, Riley Co. GS
  1. Landon Lakin, Wamego MS
  2. Quentin Clotfelter, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  3. Devin Kaminski, Fort Riley MS
  4. Scilynn Gros, Paxico-Wabaunsee JH
  5. Danner Benfer, Concordia Jr/Sr HS
  6. Alexis Martinez, Emporia MS
  7. Aiden Hunter, St. George-Rock Creek MS
  8. Kinsey Burgess, Chapman MS
  9. Spencer Peterson, Wamego MS
  10. Ian Vahl, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  • Alt. - Cole McCann, St. Marys JH
  1. Katie O'Konski, Wamego MS
  2. Andrew Haverlah, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  3. Morgan Lister, Concordia Jr/Sr HS
  1. Elise Holiday, Salina South MS
  2. William Toenjes, St. Marys JH
  3. Sawyer Ibarra, Paxico-Wabaunsee JH
  4. August Stutzman, St. Marys JH
Baritone TC
  • Grace Moulton, Wamego MS
Baritone BC
  • Quinn Kymer, Concordia Jr/Sr HS
  • Alt. - Neziah Brown, Chapman MS
  1. Natalia Buffington, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  2. William Gilligan, Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony MS
  3. Emily Storrer, Emporia MS
  • Amelia Mall, Salina South MS
  • Alt. - Sam Frese, Riley Co. GS
  1. Sam Frese, Riley Co. GS
  2. Jaxson Breault, Wamego MS
  • Alt. - Semaj Long, Fort Riley MS
  1. Ian Burdett, Wamego MS
  2. Logyn Evans, Wamego MS
  3. Kohl Newlin, Concordia Jr/Sr HS
  4. Jeffrey Henderson, St. Marys JH
  5. Emma Foster, St. Marys JH
  • Alt. - Ashlyn Trevarton, Clay Center Community MS
Daniela Thrasher
Clay Center Community HS
1630 9th St
Clay Center, KS 67432
w: 785-632-2131
Important Dates - ML Band
Aug. 30, 2023 - Wed
Downbeat Session
Manhattan HS
5:00 PM - Meal
5:30 PM - Meeting
Sep. 28, 2023 - Thu
Audition Upload Deadline — Middle Level Band
Oct. 27, 2023 - Fri
Participation Fees Due — HS Jazz Band, ML Band, ML Choir
$15 participation fee per selected student
Nov. 4, 2023 - Sat
Clinics & Concerts — HS Jazz Band, ML Band, ML Choir
Junction City HS

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